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One bedroom apartments in Budapest

Vacation rentals

Below you can find one-bedroom apartments for holiday rentals. These one bedroom flats are available on a daily rate. For longer rental periods please visit our flat rentals page.

Studio   One bedroom   Two bedroom   Three bedroom

Agape Aparthotel apartment 0-50 €

Studio apartments - persons: 1-3
One bedroom apartments - persons: 1-5
Two bedroom apartments- persons: 1-6
Several nicely furnished apartments in the same building, close to Blaha Lujza square. Garage and free Wifi.

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All-4U Apartments apartment 50-100 €

3x studio apartment - persons: 1-2
16x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
2x two bedroom apartment - persons: 1-6
Comfortable apartments in a newly built modern building. Excellent downtown location, parking places available!

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City Comfort Apartments apartment 0-50 €

16x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-2
10x two bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
Comfortable apartments in a silent, green neigbourhood. Excellent public transportation, free wifi.

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Apartment Anna apartment 50-100 €

One bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
Superb location at Deak Square in an elegant walking street! Nicely furnished apartment for 4 persons. Free wifi.

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Opera Residence apartment 0-50 €

2x studio apartment - persons: 1-2
10x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4

Exclusive apartments in exclusive environment on affordable prices. Located in the cultural and restaurant area behind the Opera House. Several fully equipped apartments in the same house.

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Apartment Akacfa apartment 0-50 €

Studio apartments - persons: 1-3
One bedroom apartments - persons: 1-5

These centrally located fully furnished and equipped new apartments mean a good choice to stay in Budapest both for holiday or business purposes. The apartments have 3 double beds and 2 separate toilets.

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7Seasons Apartments apartment 50-100 €

4x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
6x two bedroom apartment - persons: 1-6
2x three bedroom apartment - persons: 3-6
The exclusive, stylish and contemporary apartments offer a great alternative to traditional hotel accommodation with all the freedom, independence and convenience of an apartment whether you are exploring Budapest as a leisure traveler or visiting the city on business.

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Apartment Innercity Hollo apartment 0-50 €

4x studio apartment - persons: 1-2
6x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
3x two bedroom apartment - persons: 1-6
Modern and fully furnished apartments located in downtown with easy access to all areas. Perfect home away from home, with many comforts. Ideal for couples, families, friends or business groups.

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Aboriginal Apartments apartment 50-100 €

3x one bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
1x two bedroom apartment - persons: 1-6
Tastefully furnished, well equipped apartments in the downtown close to Opera and De�k square. All apartments have balcony and air-condition.

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Astra Apartments apartment 0-50 €

3x two bedroom apartments - persons: 1-6
2x two bedroom apartments - persons: 1-4

These moderately priced, comfortable apartments are situated in the centre of Budapest. They offer a good standard of accommodation with easy access to the main attractions, shops, restaurants, pubs.

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Apartment Oktogon apartment 0-50 €

1 bedroom apartment - persons: 1-4
This apartment is located in the heart of the city, at Oktogon square, which is an ideal place for sightseeing, nightlife and shopping as well. Nicely furnished, available for up to 4 persons. Excellent public transport, pubs, clubs, movies and shopping mall close by. Apartment Beta is on the other side of the street, if you want to have your travel mates nearby.

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Apartment Veres 1 apartment 50-100 €

1 bedroom apartment - persons: 1-3
Centrally located in Veres Palne utca, close to Vaci utca the main touristic attractions, shops, supermarkets and best restaurants of Budapest. Fully equipped with all comforts and very quiet.

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Apartment Beta apartment 50-100 €

1 bedroom apartment - persons: 1-2
Situated right next to Oktogon, the very heart of the downtown, where several restaurants, pubs, clubs theatres and cinemas can be found in the vicinity including the biggest shopping mall of the city. The recently renovated apartment has two large rooms, it is an ideal accommodation for 1-2 persons for shorter or longer stays as well.

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