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Day Tours        Night tours         Country programmes

Day tours

Tour 1.   Hop on - Hop off bus tour

Hop on and off any time, your pass is valid for 48 hrs. 
You can have 20 to 60% off from entrance fees.
A free one hour boat trip is included.

20 EUR/person More details
hop on hop off tour
Tour 2.   3-hour long grand city tour by bus

Grand City Tour covering all major attractions
Headphone guide on 12 languages

20 EUR/person More details
Grand city tour with headphones
Tour 3.   Budapest gourmet - Central Market Hall

Visit the Central Market Hall and learn how to prepare
Hungarian dishes

41 EUR/person More details
2 hour long city tour
Tour 4.   3-hour long city tour + Opera

Grand City Tour covering all major attractions
Guided visit to the Opera House
English and German languages

36 EUR/person More details
Opera tour
Tour 5.   Tour of Jewish Budapest

Walking tour introducing the ancient Jewish  Ghetto,
the Synagogue, the Jewish Museum,
the Jewish Cemetery and more.

32 EUR/person More details
Jewish tour

Night tours

     Day tours         Country programmes
Tour 6.   Budapest by night with dinner

Dinner in traditional Buda Castle restaurant
Night stroll in the Castle, bus tour in the city
Champagne in a famous Casino

60 EUR/person More details
Budapest by night
Tour 7.   Light and dance on the Danube

Enjoy the illuminated city from a boat
Folklore show with traditional music
Buffet dinner.

47 EUR/person More details
Folklore show
Tour 8.   Exclusive folklore show in a restaurant

3-course meal with beautiful city view
In a Buda-hill restaurant
With fascinating folklore show

64 EUR/person More details
Exclusive folklore show

Country programmes

     Night tours         Day tours
Tour 9.  "Puszta" - horse show in the Hungarian Plains

Spend the day on a traditional farm
Spectacular horseshow and 
traditional Hungarian feast

67 EUR/person More details
Puszta programme
Tour 10.   Danube bend tour

Visit the Esztergom Basilica
Lunch in Visegrád in a panorama restaurant 
Walk in the medeival streets of Szentendre

67 EUR/person More details
Danube bend tour
Tour 11.   Szentendre - a nostalgic visit

Walk in the medieval streets of the Picturesque artists' town, do some shopping and visit a Jewellery Museum and return to Budapest by boat.

41 EUR/person More details
Szentendre tour
Tour 12.  Queen Elisabeth tour - Gödöllő

Visit the Queen Elisabeth's Palace,
the "Hungarian Versailles".
Coffee and cake in the Palace Café

41 EUR/person More details
Tour 13.   Lake Balaton and Herend

Visit the Tihany penninsula and the famous abbey
See the world's largest Porcelain Manufactory
Lunch in a traditional "Csarda"

71 EUR/person More details
Lake Balaton
Tour 14.   Tour in the wine region of Eger

Visit the 16th century castle
Stroll through the picturesque baroque town
Visit the wine cellars and enjoy a 3 course lunch

74 EUR/person More details
Eger tour