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Budapest Fun

Budapest is a vivid and interesting city with  lots of cultural and intellectual things to do. But why not take it easy for a little while and go off the beaten track, looking for fun and adventure? Below I have collected some fun activities that are unique and might raise the interest of the adrenalin addicts.


Off-road tours

The Adventure Park is located near the F1 race track at Mogyoród. They offer off-road racing by quads or enduros and canopy tours in a 36 acres forest. The latter is the best way for team-building as groups of 2 or 4 persons can compete against each other in a height of 12 metres. Rope ladders and a 70 metres long descent boost the excitement. If you prefer to stay on the ground, you can experience driving a quad. After a short briefing you can try your skills live! The tour takes you along a spectacular, specially formed track in the forest.


For skaters, skate-boarders and BMX riders Görzenál is a category in itself. It can be found in a green environment along the Danube. Those with experience can enjoy the different half-pipes, funboxes and spines. The sport center was founded in 1995 to provide a place where professional and amateur skaters can get together and practice. Since then the services were widened by a street ball rack, trampoline and climbing walls. You can of course rent all the appliances on the spot. Being an outdoor spot, it is not open during winter.




The unknown world of Budapest caves

It is not that well-known that Budapest is the city of caves. There are many smaller and larger caves under the city, among them the second largest cave-system in Hungary: the Pál-völgyi-Mátyás-hegyi. For a few years now one can experience the unique underground world with the supervision of a professional guide. The 3 hours long caving tour goes on unbuilt, natural parts of the caves, one has to crawl and climb. The necessary equipments: overall, helmet and headlamps are provided and no previous experience is needed. It is a trying but surely unforgettable experience.

City segway tours

Those who rather stay in the city, still can discover it in a special way: by segways. The segway human transporter is a self-balancing transportation device, that can get to anywhere. You stand on a small platform between the two wheels and hold onto handlebars. The Segway handles the balancing for you, so that you're always in an upright position, while advancing wherever you want. It works with electricity, so it's operation is cheap and environment friendly. You can take part on guided city tours by segways or you can rent them just for fun. After a few minutes of practicing, you will surely enjoy this unique device.